by Gayle Skidmore



This version of "Annabelle," a tragically beautiful piano ballad about the death of a friend, was engineered by Grammy winner Jason Mraz and mixed by Ron Fountenberry of The Softlightes. It is a stripped down version of the song with just piano, vocals, cello and violin.


Chin up, chin up, you’ve got your guns
Chin up, chin up, it’s all you want
Chin up, chin up, it’s all you want
Chin up, chin up, don’t give up
Don’t let the absence bind you
Don’t let the darkness find you
It’s just the thought that kills you
Let it go
But you feel his face against your own
And you feel the hands that covered yours
Oh, Annabelle, just let it go
You never did, and you’ll never know
And this conversation with yourself was written for somebody else
Stand up, stand up, don’t let your blood escape your heart
And don’t give up
Pull in the air through your crooked teeth and don’t despair
And please don’t weep
I am reaching, still, to catch your soul
If you should feel the death knell toll
I am reaching, still, to catch your soul
Oh, Annabelle, I’d miss you so, if you should say you have to go
And this conversation with myself is hard enough with you around
What if you’re gone?
Oh, Annabelle, oh how can I, how can I say the word, “goodbye”?
So I’ll sing for you a lullaby, no single word to make you cry


released February 26, 2010
Gayle Skidmore: piano/vocals
Jess Arnett: violin
Lia Dearborn: cello
Engineered by Jason Mraz. Mixed by Ron Fountenberry.



all rights reserved


Gayle Skidmore San Diego, California

Seven-time San Diego Music Award nominee Gayle Skidmore has written over 2000 songs since she began songwriting at the age of 8. She just won Best Pop in the 2015 San Diego Music awards, and her latest album and coloring book, “Sleeping Bear,” won Best Pop Album in 2014. She won Best Singer-Songwriter in the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, and her song "Paper Box" was featured on HBO's "Looking." ... more


  • Oct 26
    Hilversum, Netherlands

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